Presenting 2015 Songwriting Contest Winner Molly Wing!

IMG_3255Earlier this year we launched our first songwriting contest and are proud to present contest winner Molly Wing and her song “The Good Ones”.

Molly says: “The Goods Ones is a song I was inspired to write after realizing that one of the most important things you need to get through a hard time in your life is the support of others. Supportive friends and family can really help you in bad times even when the world outside is cruel.”

Molly was awarded a $1,000 cash prize, had her song professionally recorded at Metro 37 studios, and the music video and PSA were both produced by our friends at Hart, Inc.

A very BIG thank you to Chris Rogers and everyone at Hart, and to Kevin Sharpe at Metro 37, who donated their time, talent and services for this project. We will be promoting Molly’s music video and PSA, and working with her to help launch the contest again in early 2016!

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