Spirituality and Faith

We all search for faith, and in this quest we really are searching for peace and love. That is what faith is; remembering who we are… that we were all created in perfect Peace and Love. This is our true Self, it never changes and is always there just waiting to be remembered by us.

So why do we spend most of time reeling in self doubt, confusion and fear? Our true Self has a counter part called the ego. The ego is the other voice that is constantly nagging at us; we are not good enough, we are not smart enough, we will never fit in, we are not good looking enough. While the true self is real …the ego is a lying mental attack machine on duty 24/7 trying to convince us to believe we simply will really never amount to anything! We simply will never be good enough!

The ego leaves little time for our true Self to gain our attention. In fact the ego dominates our minds filling it with self doubts and fears.  Our egos existence and persistence actually blocks our faith, and the ego loves this. Remember if you are experiencing fear… it is coming from your ego. If you are experiencing love… it is coming from your true Self.

Life is not all about achievements and accomplishments; it is about feeling peace and love with what you have. When you are feeling down, depressed, confused or even suicidal…you can get in touch with your faith and true Self though prayer and this doesn’t need to be from a book. Communicating your thoughts, troubles and hopes in your own words to whoever is your Higher Power will never go unheard. Conversations of prayer are the most powerful way to find your faith.  Practice talking with God…. He is there for you even when you may think He is not.

Written by Jean Larch. Jean is a crisis intervention specialist and the author of the acclaimed book “Dying to Be Free: A Healing Guide for Families After a Suicide” published by Hazelden in 2006. Read more about Jean at www.suicideknowmore.com

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