Creating a Safety Plan

Safety Planning is a process of taking the time to write down signals that you are headed for emotional or mental distress, and the steps to take to stay healthy and safe.

Distress can lead to many unhealthy behaviors (arguments, stealing, violence, problems at school or work, self-injury, substance abuse, suicide). Having a plan to avoid those behaviors, and being prepared to care for yourself through a stressful time can help you feel more confident and hopeful.

Download a copy of My Safety Plan HERE, and take a few moments to fill it out. Ask a friend or a family member to help you if you’d like some company. Next time you recognize the first signals of distress, put the My Safety Plan steps into action.

The more thought put into the plan, the better it will work. Update it whenever you discover new signals, new coping skills, and new sources of support.

Submitted by Ellen Paré, LBSW. Ellen is a crisis intervention specialist at the Macomb County Crisis Center.
My Safety Plan was developed by the Macomb County Suicide Prevention Coalition.

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