Affirmations and Personal Mantras

Sometimes I can be anxious and impatient – and I don’t like the way that makes me feel. One thing that helps me get a handle on these feelings is reading aloud a personal mantra first thing every morning. This one small thing can change my outlook and attitude for an entire day. Here’s what I say to myself every single morning:

– There is no rush. Slow down. Breathe.
– Keep it simple.
– No expectations.
– Be open, honest and sincere.
– Let today happen.
– Do one thing at a time.
– Be happy. Be nice. Practice Gratitude.

Why not give it a try? Write down things that will help you overcome your negative thoughts. Maybe you want to feel stronger, more patient, kinder, or more relaxed. Keep it simple and don’t over think it. Or, if you prefer, several websites offer daily ready-made affirmations. For example, offers an affirmation for every day of the year. Check it out at:

It took a while, but my personal affirmations really helped once they sank in over time. That’s not to say I don’t ever feel anxious anymore. But I recognize when I’m feeling that way, recite my affirmation, and change my thoughts. Now, instead of losing hours – or even days or weeks – preoccupied with negative thoughts and feelings, I’m able to deal with them in a matter of minutes and move on with my day!

Written by Dennis Liegghio, reviewed and edited by Dr. Fran Brown, Ltd. Licensed Psychologist at Wentworth and Associates in Utica, MI.

Have some personal affirmations that help you? Let us know!

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